Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CESR Consultation on Transaction Reporting on OTC Derivatives

This consultation paper sets out CESR’s proposal for the possible organisation of transaction reporting on OTC derivatives as well as for the extension of the scope of transaction reporting obligations.

CESR’s proposal on transaction reporting on OTC derivatives is based on the assumption that all persons not exempted from European Market Infrastructure Legislation (including MiFID-authorised firms) would have to report their OTC derivatives transactions to trade repositories (TRs) after these will have been established and registered under EMIL.

However, CESR proposes that investment firms would retain the possibility of complying with their transaction reporting obligations with respect to OTC derivatives under MiFID provisions. Investment firms reporting their transactions to a TR, supporting MiFID standards, would be exempted from direct reporting when they communicate to the competent authority their decision to report their transactions through a TR. The MiFID regime would therefore apply to reporting obligations but these could be dealt with by TRs for the account of investment firms in order to avoid duplication. In other words, TRs would be recognised as a valid third-party reporting mechanism under Article 25(5) of MiFID.

As long as EMIL has not been finalised and implemented, OTC derivatives transactions would be reported under MiFID rules, where applicable.

Furthermore, CESR is considering to propose to the European Commission to extend, through a change in Article 25 of MiFID, the scope of transaction reporting obligations to financial instruments that are admitted to trading only on MTFs and to OTC derivatives.

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